Tuesday, October 26, 2010

United Colors Of Benetton.

One of the best ad ever made, Benetton campaign, photographed by Olivero Toscani.

you, me and him are "different" but, hey Benetton is for us all

(this got me goosebumps)

 no matter what color you are, you can still wear Benetton

 even you're in jail or a bad person, you can still wear Benetton

 again, different colors doesn't mean you can't wear our products

 this is a real picture taken just a second after the baby came out

even you're an albino and got no friend, we are here for you

 still, we are here for you
for dead people too (real outfit of a "new gone" soldier)

 Benetton is also for you who are suffering from HIV

for you who are being beaten by your husband

 and of course for corruptors..

The bottom line is, Benetton unites people, no matter what color, what size, what race, what occupation or whatever happened to you, you can still wear Benneton. Benneton is for YOU and ME.

There are still a lot of pictures of this Benetton campaign that i didn't post here, but you can look for them in Google or Ads of The World. This is for me an amazing   advertising campaign i have ever seen. ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010


To Mom (6 October).. May you live a happy life forever and ever..

To John Lennon (9 October).. Live long The Beatles and Brit Rock music!