Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a busy body!

Yes i am! My schedule in campus is so tight this semester. I used to think that in semester 7 i will have more free time because i already take all my subjects (only internship and thesis left because we can only do internship in semester 7 and thesis in semester 8) but the fact is the other way around. In fact, i have to do them all together in this semester plus i'm taking master degree and it will start this month. So i'm pretty sure you can imagine how busy i will. Internship, thesis and college at the same time. At first me and my friends were whining and felt so pessimist and cursing campus because they put internship and thesis in one semester, but as i start writing my thesis i start to stop complaining. I feel the enjoyment in writing my thesis, i don't know why, maybe because the topic is so me, or maybe because i have all the books i needed so it's easier for me to find all the information, i don't know. But yes i do enjoy writing it. Anyway, tomorrow i'm going to find an apartment with mom, hope everything will go as expected. I will stay in the apartment until i finish my internship because i live in a quite far place from my office and campus and since i'm in a very tight schedule, i guess i really need to live in a place near them. Well, i guess it's all, hope you guys all doing good and have a great day!

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