Friday, July 31, 2009

Leica M8 White Edition!

When compared with the classic black and silver models in the M8 series, this special limited edition with a white leather finish is destined to be the eye-catcher of this summer. The LEICA M8 'White Edition' is available in a set including a silver anodised LEICA ELMARIT-M 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH lens and strictly limited to just 275 examples. The uniqueness is further emphasised by the special serial numbers assigned exclusively to the cameras. The exclusive white Nappa cowhide leather of the LEICA M8 'White Edition' makes the Leica M8 a particularly comfortable camera to hold. The camera is accompanied by a high-quality, real leather carrying strap, embossed with the Leica logo. All control elements are finished in silver chrome and, in combination with the lens, perfectly round off the overall styling of the set. The top cover, bottom plate and the camera back are finished in white paint. The special paint finish is particularly resistant to wear and is characterised by its dirt-repelling surface. This finish provides the pure white camera with long-term protection against unsightly marks. The technical specifications and features of the LEICA M8 'White Edition' are identical to those of the standard LEICA M8 models. Each camera of this special edition is also accompanied by its own unique certificate of authenticity. The lens included in the LEICA M8 'White Edition' set - a silver anodised LEICA ELMARIT-M 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH - is one of the most popular lenses of the M System. With its extremely low weight of only 180 grams, it is particularly compact and offers outstanding performance for a wide range of photographic applications. The special edition set also includes a classical round lens hood in silver anodised metal and a silver E39 IR/UV filter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Into The Wild

Hi hi hi hi there.. meet me again! let's start with my quote of the day : LOVING LIFE! yap inilah yg gw rasain sekarang ini. setelah gw nonton film Into The Wild (adaptasi dari buku non fiction dengan judul yg sama), gw langsung jatuh cinta bgt bgt bgt sama film ini dan ngambil banyak banget message bagus dari film ini. di tambah pemeran utamanya pacar gw Emile Hirsch yang wow super duper cool dan sukses meranin Christopher McCandless. inti ceritanya tentang seorang cowok idealis yang melihat hidup ini nggak cuma sebatas hubungan antar manusia tapi juga antar alam semesta. jadi dia percaya bahwa Tuhan itu menciptakan segalanya yang ada di dalam bumi sebagai teman dari manusia, seharusnya manusia gak terpatok sama hubungan sesama manusia aja, kita harus keluar dan rasain keindahan dunia yang banyak banget sumbernya. Christoper juga percaya bahwa duit, pendidikan tinggi, pekerjaan atau ketenaran itu bukan tujuan hidup dan bukan alat untuk bikin manusia bahagia. 

Setelah lulus high school Christopher memutuskan untuk "go to the wild" dan akhirnya dia traveling ke beberapa tempat untuk menuju tujuan akhirnya "to the south" atau ALASKA! wwweeeww.. setelah itu dia bertahan 112 hari di Alaska tanpa map, hanya bawa: 10 pounds nasi, 1 kamera, buku buku tentang tanaman, journal dan senjata sebelum akhirnya dia meninggal karena keracunan setelah makan potato roots. selain ceritanya yang bagus bgt, gw suka bgt sama cinematography film ini dan tempatnya bagus2, apalagi Salvation Mountain. Aaaahh bladar bgt deh tempat itu. harus nonton bangeeeettt bagi yang belum nonton. trus kata2 bijaknya banyak dan bagus2 juga. 

Dari film ini hati dan pikiran gw terbuka dan gw sangat terinspirasi untuk lebih mengenal ciptaan Tuhan yang lain selain manusia. tapi sayangnya apa yang dilakuin Christopher McCandless itu terlalu extreme. menurut gw segala sesuatu itu harus di lakukan dengan balance atau seimbang soalnya kalo apa2 serba berlebihan gak bagus juga untuk kita. makanya di akhir film waktu Christopher menderita kelaparan, dia nulis di journalnya "Happiness only real when shared", ini karena dia ngerasa kesepian gak ada orang buat berbagi kesenangannya. jadi kesimpulan gw, emang untuk jadi bahagia kita itu harus mensyukuri apa yang sudah Tuhan kasih di dunia ini dengan cara mau bersahabat dan menjalin hubungan baik dengannya, nah kalo kita mau kebahagiaan kita itu solid dan utuh kita harus berbagi ke sesama manusia (karena gak mungkin bagi kesenangan sama benda mati). bahagia itu gak ada artinya kalo cuma kita yang ngerasain kan? so live in balance! :) terimakasih Tuhan telah ngasih kita segalanya, udara, langit, matahari, air, pohon,laut, bintang, bunga, binatang dan manusia. I'm LOVING LIFE!!

PS: klik fotonya deh, biar lebih jelas. :)


Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Movies and TV’s Influence to People Behavior

So this is only a piece of thought that came on my mind and i'd like to share it with you. Don't hesitate to leave a comment :)

People who live in big cities have different life style compared to previous generation. Previously there are a lot of opened spaces like parks used for outdoor activities but now buildings filled up those spaces. Now people tend to spend more time doing indoor activities especially watching TV.  This change of lifestyle has shift people’s behavior significantly as what they influence them watch every day. Movies and TV are one of the best channels to change people’s life style, habits and opinion. 

Every one can see and learn within same time what is going on in other part of the world just through movies and TV. One of the obvious phenomena is young generation life style around the world now have similarities such as in fashion, music and hobbies. Now, Eastern and Western young generation can learn every thing instantly as TV provides all the information of their interest.

Another important aspect of TV is habits. Selling products through advertisement in TV is very powerful. People can easily change their preference of certain products as they see advertisement in TV. People tend to buy products advertised in TV without studying further about the products. One of the supplemental food specialized for blood circulation with limited ingredient become very popular since it is advertised in TV while similar products with better quality and cheaper price are not popular as they are not on TV. People prefer to buy products that they are familiar with even it is only through TV.

People’s opinion on politics, culture and religion are very much driven by what they see in TV. Like in the last decade, Western politicians called certain Moslem as terrorists. Their speaks about terrorism and point out Osama bin Laden as one. As he is a Moslem, most people who do not have depth knowledge about Islam started to mix up their opinion toward Islam as religion.  People from east countries who wear Moslem apparel were treated badly in some western countries like France because they have influenced by information in TV.

Movies and TV are now is big part of human’s life, they influence people’s behavior. They also provide a wide range of information that can bring positive or negative impact to the audience. So in my opinion, to get the benefit, people have to use their knowledge, experience and belief to filter the information. Don't you think so? :)

Ps: I prefer YouTube better than TV! yes, indeed!

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Summer Already!

I miss summer time in 2008. I really miss moment when i am free from air pollution, traffic jams and all the hectic daily activities of me. I wanna take pictures of people talking in the streets, the deep blue sea, children playing on the playground, flowers blooming in garden and all the artsy buildings. It's been a year and you don't know how bad bad bad i miss Europe.

From distance, you look cute.

I always want to cycle more more and more.

Playing Filters

I love playing with filters. especially blue and red. and i'm so upset to know that I lost my color splash filters. it may fell in the last place i bring them.

This is Theo

Hi my name is Theo also known as Minerva. I don't really like being photographed but Beiby said that my face is always looks good in camera. Just a few days ago i bought Brida the book by Paulo Coelho for her and last night she did the story telling thing to me and made me feeling so sleepy haha.  I always laugh whenever i remember about last night.


Ok let's start from here. hello everyone! i recreated a blog because the old one was for my college assignment. Now i'm starting to write and share about things again with you by having a personal blog. Feel free to just looking around or to follow or to leave comments or to do whatever you like. Have a wonderful summer break everyone! <3