Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Escape!

Hi everyone.. I just came back from my quick sweet escape in Bandung :) 

Green yummy welcome drink

I watched Finding Nemo not long after i checked in

Always love Bandung culinary

Found these cute plates in UNKL 347

Polaroids and classic cameras :(

I went to PVJ and saw this super cute dolls :)

Bandung weather was pretty much the same as in Jakarta, hot in the afternoon and raining in the evening. I got myself a denim dress from one of the boutique in Trunojoyo street. I didn't shop a lot there because 1st. I was not in the mood, and 2nd. my aim on this trip was for refreshing from my hectic daily activity. I wish i can stay longer, but i know Monday awaits me, i have to get back to reality. Good night all.. :)