Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Loyal Friend.

Have i ever tell you that i have a really big interest on dogs? If i haven't, well here is the thing, i consider dog as the most loyal friend in the world, and sometimes i think they are even more logical than human. I can't wait to have my own dog, i believe someday i will, in my own house.

Just a couple of days ago, i went to a beauty parlor and i saw this little cute furry thing walking around and looking at the people there with it's two beautiful eyes. Yes it's a dog. It's name is Pio, it is the owner's dog. Don't you think it's cute? Sorry for the bad quality of picture!

And, today, i went to my uncle's house, and played with his dog, Pico. I know Pio is a lot cuter than Pico, but Pico really is a kind and loving dog. It easily get a long with people but still protective.

I always love hanging out with dogs! Good night all :)

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