Sunday, July 12, 2009

Movies and TV’s Influence to People Behavior

So this is only a piece of thought that came on my mind and i'd like to share it with you. Don't hesitate to leave a comment :)

People who live in big cities have different life style compared to previous generation. Previously there are a lot of opened spaces like parks used for outdoor activities but now buildings filled up those spaces. Now people tend to spend more time doing indoor activities especially watching TV.  This change of lifestyle has shift people’s behavior significantly as what they influence them watch every day. Movies and TV are one of the best channels to change people’s life style, habits and opinion. 

Every one can see and learn within same time what is going on in other part of the world just through movies and TV. One of the obvious phenomena is young generation life style around the world now have similarities such as in fashion, music and hobbies. Now, Eastern and Western young generation can learn every thing instantly as TV provides all the information of their interest.

Another important aspect of TV is habits. Selling products through advertisement in TV is very powerful. People can easily change their preference of certain products as they see advertisement in TV. People tend to buy products advertised in TV without studying further about the products. One of the supplemental food specialized for blood circulation with limited ingredient become very popular since it is advertised in TV while similar products with better quality and cheaper price are not popular as they are not on TV. People prefer to buy products that they are familiar with even it is only through TV.

People’s opinion on politics, culture and religion are very much driven by what they see in TV. Like in the last decade, Western politicians called certain Moslem as terrorists. Their speaks about terrorism and point out Osama bin Laden as one. As he is a Moslem, most people who do not have depth knowledge about Islam started to mix up their opinion toward Islam as religion.  People from east countries who wear Moslem apparel were treated badly in some western countries like France because they have influenced by information in TV.

Movies and TV are now is big part of human’s life, they influence people’s behavior. They also provide a wide range of information that can bring positive or negative impact to the audience. So in my opinion, to get the benefit, people have to use their knowledge, experience and belief to filter the information. Don't you think so? :)

Ps: I prefer YouTube better than TV! yes, indeed!


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